Hey, I’m Chris.

First thing’s first, out of the countless travel blogs on the internet (it must be thousands now) you’ve spent some of your life reading mine. So thank you.

Not satisfied with the status quo of living life, I like many other travellers, quit a good job, packed a backpack and hit the road for an extended period of time, blah blah blah… I’ve done it solo and now I’m doing it as part of a couple. Both are different and invaluable experiences.

I haven’t been everywhere although I’ve been to a fair number of places, but I have been in some very odd situations and met some very unique people. I have a habit of saying yes to most things and seeing where life takes me.

I created this blog first and foremost to document chapters in my life that perhaps my spacefaring descendants will review and reflect on, for example, why their great, great, great… grandfather decided to buy contraband speedos in Vietnam or tried to survive in Bangkok with $0 or gatecrashed Trinidad carnival without actually knowing anyone. However, if it provides you with a bit of entertainment, education or even better, inspiration, then that’s very cool.

I don’t claim to be an authoritative voice on travel, history or geography, but I like to get under the skin of a place and people to understand why the world is what it is. I’ve also been told I write decently, so that’s up to you to decide. I’m also making a TV Channel for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again, welcome and enjoy.

The ‘Chris’ in Christory